PLR4-500 500, ¼” X ½” Recessed Button Ball Lock Pin

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PLR4-500 500, ¼” X ½” Recessed Button Ball Lock Pin.

PivotPoint Ball Lock Pins are a very secure quick-release pin. They have a push button that initiates ball action and retraction, and can only be released by pushing the button. Ball Lock Pin design combines secure fastening with Quick-Release ease of removal.


Basic Shank Diameter [in]          1/4”
Size - A x E [in]                          1/4 x 1/2”
Shank Diameter - A          0.2455 to 0.2485
Effective Length - E [in]             1/2”
Ball Height - B [in] 0.284 to 0.294 
Chamfer Length - C [in]             0.093 
Chamfer Angle [º]            22 
Top Length - F [in]           0.890
Head Diameter - G [in]               0.750
H [in]                               0.620
Material        Zinc Plated Alloy Steel
Finish            Zinc with Yellow Chromate
Type             Recessed Button
End Length - D [in]          0.312
Approximate Double Shear [lb] Alloy Steel Only       8,200
Collar Thickness [in]                   0.050

Note   Plating may add, up to, .001" to diameter of pin

Notice for California Residents: Warning symbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -