LR20IL Lora Relay 30A 915MHz

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LR20IL Lora Relay 30A 915MHz

This 30A Lora Relay is a relay module that could be controlled by Lora, with max current 30A/240V. Based on RFM98W, it supports a max of 4~5 km Lora communication.

This Lora relay module is preloaded Arduino Pro Mini(3.3v 8M) bootloader and simple demo firmware Lora Relay V1.1, the users could freely change/update the firmware with Arduino IDE, with a common UART tool (Note that if there no DTR in your UART tool, you will need to press the reset button to reset the controller Mega328P manually). There also the Lora relay 4 channels for multiple channel controlling applications.

Makerfabs CP2104 USB to Serial Converter Arduino Programmer is strongly suggested for re-programming:


  • Controller: Atmega328P
  • Arduino bootloader: Pro mini(3.3V/8M)
  • Lora frequency: 433M/ 868M/ 915M
  • Current: 30A@240VAC
  • Input Voltage: 12V

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