MOT-L298-3 DC Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller Driver Board

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DC Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller Driver Board

DC Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller Driver BoardThis L298 based DC motor controller board allows users to attach an external power source to power DC motors that require a little bit more current. Plug in an external power source up to 10VDC with a max current of 2.5A. The IC onboard contains two h-bridges allowing the control of two independent DC motors or one 2-phase 4 wire motor. Thanks to built in MOS switches and a design that ensures thermal protection, you can easily interface it with most microcontroller boards like the Arduino using 5V power lines and PWM I/Os. Thanks to its high current capabilities, you can use this module for a lot of demanding applications. There is even a 2mm mounting hole if needed.

The installation of this module is also simple. There are two supply lines (labeled as “+” an “-”) to power the entire module, 4 signal inputs and 4 motor outputs (IN1 and IN2 control MOTOR A; IN3 and IN4 control MOTOR B). Be wary, at maximum values this board may overheat and we don’t recommend pushing this module to its limits for extended periods of time.


  • Operating voltage: 2V-10V
  • Signal input voltage: 1.8-7V
  • Single working current: 1.5A
  • Max current: 2.5A
  • Standby current: less than 0.1uA
  • Dimensions : 24.7 * 21 * 5mm (L x W x H)
  • Mounting hole diameter: 2 mm
  • Temperature: -40℃ to +80℃

Guide on how to operate the motor driver board (HERE)

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