Audible Devices

ABRA stocks buzzers, microphones, microphone elements, speakers and transducers for industry and educational institutions.


Piezo Buzzer 

Voltage: 4 - 20 volts
DC Color: Black
Dim.: 7/8" x 11/16" high

 Audio Transducer

7½ wire attached
.8mm x 12mm
DC Res.: 45 Ohms
Opt. Freq: 2500 Hz

       Piezo Buzzer

8-15 VDC,
w/ internal driver. 
Current: 30mA
Sound output: 85db @
10cm Frequency: 2KHz

   2.25" Speaker

Ideal for hobbyists
& students. 2 1/4"
Miniature Speaker
0.5W 8Ω