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Some Interesting Electronic Kits

power supply kitThe AK-20 is an action-packed student power supply kit. Once assembled it is not only useful but also visually stunning. It comes with an attractive acrylic clear case and a three digit seven segment voltage readout. Includes a power supply, cord and output leads with alligator clips. Adjustable 2 Watt DC power supply with an output voltage range of 1.25 to 12VDC. Input voltage is 115VAC. In addition to being a 12 Volt DC variable power supply, this product has a buzzer to identify if a signal feed to its input is live, alternating or a modulated wave. It also comes with a DC pulse wave generator where you can tweak the duty cycle using the internal 100k potentiometer. More info




/>This <span style = Metal 4WD Robot Mobile Platform Chassis Kit. with DC Motors will provide you with a high quality DIY shell on which you can put your power supply, microcontroller, motor controller, sensors and etc., on a tiny light weight frame. You can make a line tracking car, obstacle avoidance car, remote control car and any other ideas that may you may come up with. You can use a Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other microcontroller. It’s easy to assemble and a bestseller to all schools. More info

LED Digital Clock kitAre you curious in learning how alarm clocks work. Do you want to build your own LED Digital Clock and brag to your friends? You can do just that with this D.I.Y digital led clock kit.More info
Christmas Tree KitAssemble your own 3 Dimensional Christmas Tree that can run from 4.5VDC or connect straight to a USB port to DC wall adapter at 5v. More info
LED Flasher KitLED Ripple Flash Kit. Simple, Straightforward and no nonsense soldering practice kit! More info
This Surface Mount Soldering Kit allows you to practice soldering smd components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and integrated circuits onto a printed circuit board. More info
A very useful board, simple and elegant, allows you to convert any standard ATX computer power supply into a perfect supply for breadboarding and general electronics workbench use. This ATX adapter board offers all these features, has standard 0.75" jack spacing for dual-banana plugs, and has color-coded binding posts for each of the voltage rails: 5V standby, 3.3V, 5V, +12V, -12V. This project comes as a complete kit, with the PCB, all components including binding posts, components, and ATX connector, plus comprehensive assembly instructions which includes the schematic diagram and PCB assembly diagram, as well as drill templates for panel mounting. More info
This Combo includes the book Electronics Circuits for the Evil Genius 2/E and the Electronics Kit needed to complete the projects in the book. This comprehensive combo provides both theory (book) and practice (kit) and is an excellent teaching tool for students, hobbyists and teachers. The Evil Genius Electronic Kit removes the frustration factor. It includes: -All of the components and hardware needed to complete the lessons and projects in the book. -Nine user ready Printed Circuit Boards for all the projects in the 2nd edition book. More info
Speaker KitThis Mini Speaker Educational Kit is fun to build and the included transparent enclosure makes it a sharp-looking addition to your DIY electronic projects. Includes a visible 5 LED VU meter in each speaker to see the sound levels. Uses a standard 3.5mm stereo plug to connect to your audio sources. Includes a USB cable and 2.1mm Plug and Jack for the 5 volt power connection. You can power the speakers from any device with a powered USB connection. All instructions with photos are provided to provide a rewarding DIY experience with amplified sound. More info
ABRA's Learn How to Solder Kit contains three basic exercises. You first solder resistors on a board with 3.5mm solder pads to provide a large forgiving contact point for the first soldering experience. You then solder ICs on a board with 2mm diameter solder pads to emphasize quick and accurate solder techiniques. You finally put your soldering skills to use by soldering the included LED Flasher Kit. You also get a solder iron, tube of solder, side cutters and solder stand. This Kit provides you with everything you need. More info
With ABRA's Cell Phone Charger Kit you will not only learn how to assemble an electronic kit, but you can then put it to practical use as a portable cell phone charger. More info
Resistor KitABRA's 1/2W Carbon Film Resistor Kit contains five each of seventy three of the most popular 1/2W resistors, all labelled and packaged in a cardboard organizer box. More info