IDL-600A Analog Lab + Universal Counter

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The IDL-600A Analob Lab is the same as IDL-600 with a built-in Universal Counter ideal trainer used by educational institutions to teach basic analog theory.

The IDL-600A Analogue Lab offers a unique platform on which analogue electronics circuits may be constructed with speed and ease. The system combines simple, easy to use, features with a versatile solderless breadboard area.
The unit contains a built-in multi-rail DC power supply, analogue voltmeter and ammeter, and a function generator along with a large area of breadboard, switches, indicators, potentiometers and a loudspeaker.
This unit is packed full of features which avoid the need for external equipment, saving you time, space, money and energy. The many outstanding features of the Analogue Lab, combined with its ease of use and robust housing, make it the first choice for those wishing to introduce students to analogue electronics.
 DC Power Supply  +5V at 1A
 -5V at 100mA
 0V to +15V and 0V to -15V variable at upto 300mA
 Full short protection is provided as is a mains switch with power on indicator
 Function  Generator

 Six frequency ranges:
 0.1Hz to 2Hz
 1Hz to 20Hz
 10Hz to 200Hz
 100Hz to 2KHz
 1KHz to 20KHz
 10KHz to 200KHz
 Sine wave output: 0 to 5V peak to peak ±10% variable
 Triangle wave output: 0 to 5V peak to peak ±10% variable
 Square wave output: 0 to 15V peak to peak ±10% variable
 TTL mode ouput: +5V ±10%

 Universal Counter
 Two frequency ranges:
 1Hz to 99.99999 MHz
 10Hz to 100Hz
 Period Range TH & TL: 0.01 µs ~ 999999.99 µs
       1 µs     ~ 99.999999 µs
 Input Signal: TTL or CMOS level or any level (Vmin≥ +2.3V peak to peak ±10%)
 Display: 8-digital 7-segment LED display 
 Counter Switch: External / Internal
 Analogue  Voltmeter  0V to 30V
 Input impedence: 320Kohm
 Analogue Ammeter  0V to 100uA
 Input impedence: 1000ohm
 Slide Switches  Two robust two-position and one three-position slide switches
 Rotary Switch  One six-position rotary switch
 Speaker  2 1/4 inch, 8ohm speaker
 Solderless  Breadboard  1896 interconnected tie points, accepting all DIP devices, components with leads  and solid wires of AWG 22 (0.3 to 0.8mm)
 Accessories  Power lead and user manual
 Power Supply  110/120V
 Physical  Characteristics  Dimensions: 360mm (width), 420mm (depth), 200mm (height)
 Weight: 4.2kg
Notice for California Residents: Warning symbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -