GK-KIT-002 Decade Resistance Kit

Teachers use this useful kit as classroom projects
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GK-KIT-002 Decade Resistance Kit

The Decade Resistance Kit allows you to create your very own test instrument. You can use it to set a specific resistance value and implement it in any design that requires verifying what standard component you would want to use. The kit includes  nice stylish blue caps to screw onto the 10 position switch knobs, making it easier to choose the value you want. Choose a value from 10 to 999kΩ by turning the corresponding decimal number to the digits you desire. Please note that the maximum current this unit can handle is approximately 300mA.

This unit is essentially a large potentiometer with resistors connected internally by a series circuit. Unlike a normal potentiometer, this unit allows you to adjust to a fine resolution the value you need. You can switch out the ¼ watt resistors and place in ½ watt resistors (sold separately) into this board before soldering them.

You can also use this decade resistance kit to measure unknown resistances using the Wheatstone bridge method!

If you need an enclosure, we recommend using the 1591TSBK plastic enclosure from Hammond.

Kit includes:

    1x Custom PCB

    2x Banana Sockets

    2x 6 inch 22AWG Wire

    5x Blue Knobs

    9x 100kΩ ¼ watt Resistor

    9x 10kΩ ¼ watt Resistor

    9x 1kΩ ¼ watt Resistor

    9x 100Ω ¼ watt Resistor

    9x 10Ω ¼ watt Resistor

    5x 10 Position Rotary Switch

Manual GK-Kit-002 (Manual_Gk-Kit-002.pdf, 1,530 Kb) [Download]