SOLDER-KIT Learn How to Solder Kit

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This Learn How to Solder Kit provides you with the tools, techniques, and sufficient practice material to get you started with soldering.

This kit contains three basic exercises. You first solder resistors on a board with 3.5mm solder pads to provide a large forgiving contact point for the first soldering experience. You then solder ICs on a board with 2mm diameter solder pads to emphasize quick and accurate solder techiniques. You finally put your soldering skills to use by soldering the included LED Flasher Kit. You also get a solder iron, tube of solder, side cutters and solder stand. This Kit provides you with everything you need.

A bestseller to schools

Contents of Kit:

Included in this kit is the stand-alone AK-75 LED Ripple Flash Kit D.I.Y, which should be attempted after completing the first two exercises.
-Ideal project for introducing students to electronics
-Easy to assemble with silk screened component layout on PCB 
-Simply follow the basic manual or skip to the schematic diagram and assemble this led Ripple/Flash board based on the 555 timer and CD4017BE IC.

  Included is our SI-3771 soldering iron. It has a high performance heating element and durable tip. Excellent for students and hobbyists.

Kit includes: The TSH-007 metal soldering iron stand with cooling tray and sponge.

Kit includes: Tube of leaded solder: 17 Grams, 1mm (0.39"), 60/40.
dc5.jpg Kit includes: 5" digonal cutters made of drop forged steel.

Kit includes BRD-140: This pre-drilled printed circuit board has copper holes and is ideal for IC projects.
This prototype board is used in step two with your ICs. It has 2mm diameter solder pads, making soldering a little more difficult.
Dimensions: 1 3/4"x2 1/2".

Kit Includes BRD-120: This prototype board is used in step one with some resistors. It has 3.5mm diameter solder pads, making soldering easy.
Dimensions:3 3/4" x 5 1/2"
r-10k.jpg  You get about 40 resistors to solder . This is step one, which provides a large contact point for the first soldering experience.
ic.jpg  You get a couple of ICs to solder onto the BRD-140. This is step two, which is a little more difficult.
Included is a three page printed manual with color illustrations to get you started.


Included is a 8 page printed comic book entitled Soldering is Easy. It provides a general overview on how to solder in a fun way.
Teachers use it as an entertaining teaching tool and who doesn't like comics.




SOLDER-KIT Manual (solder-kit_Manual_.pdf, 3,193 Kb) [Download]

SOLDER COMIC BOOK_FRENCH (Souder_c'est_facile_FR.pdf, 3,437 Kb) [Download]

AK-75 Circuit Diagram (ak-75_circuit.pdf, 256 Kb) [Download]

AK-75_Manual (AK-75_Manual.pdf, 374 Kb) [Download]

Solder Comic Book (FullSolderComic_EN.pdf, 800 Kb) [Download]

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