SKM-250 Hands-on Basic Electronics Kit

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The Elenco SKM-250 is a basic hands-on kit that introduces you to good soldering techniques while working on state-of-the-art printed circuit board circuits.

You will learn the basics of digital multimeters and circuit troubleshooting.

Some of the features of this kit are as follows: Identifying components, color-code reading exercises, resistors, capacitors, and inductors; includes color code calculator (Model CC-100); 163 solder points, standard soldering connections, close-tolerance soldering,  and tack soldering; complete voltage and resistance analysis of circuit; desoldering exercise. This kit requires  soldering.

Kit Includes:

  • SL75 Variable Temperature Solder Station with Iron and extra tip.
  • SP3B Learn to Solder Practice Kit
  • SE1 Solder Tool Kit
  • ST3 Wire Stripper
  • M1000 Multimeter
  • CC100 Color Code Calculator