AK-150 D.I.Y Adjustable Bench Power Supply 0-28 VDC/0.01A-2A

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AK-150 D.I.Y Adjustable Bench Power Supply 0-28 VDC/0.01A-2A

This kit will give the user the opportunity to adjust 0V to 28 VDC. This power supply must be connected to a transformer in order to receive a 24VAC with a maximum current of 2A. Not only does this kit allow you to adjust the desired current and voltage using the potentiometers available on the board, it also comes with an LCD screen which shows the specific current and voltage output so you will not need to use a multi-meter. This kit is also certainly a perfect choice for those who wish to improve their soldering technique as there are different components to solder. However, use caution when assembling this product as it involves VAC. As such, users must ensure the components are soldered properly and that the transformer is connected correctly to the board. This package also includes a colored guide in which the features of the kit are explained in detail. This guide can be found in the “Attachments” tab above.

This product will make a great bench power supply for D.I.Y enthusiasts.

Transformer is not Included with the kit.

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  • Input Voltage: 24 VAC
  • Output Voltage: 0-28 VDC Adjustable
  • Output Current: 0.01-2A Adjustable

AK-150 Guide (Guide_DIY_Power_Supply_AK_150.pdf, 651 Kb) [Download]