AK-280 Vibrating LED Dice D.I.Y. Educational Kit

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Vibrating LED Dice D.I.Y. Educational Kit

The Vibrating LED Dice kit works based on a vibrator switch that allows the IC chip to use its logic to toggle through different dice combinations while the device is held upside down (when the LEDs are facing down). Once the device is turned around, a randomly picked dice combination is represented by the LEDs. The vibrator motor simulates the tossing process of the electronic dice. Once assembled, this kit can be used for entertainment purposes.

This is a D.I.Y. kit that requires soldering through-hole and basic surface mount components on a double-sided printed circuit board. It is designed for users with minimal soldering tools and skills. You must insert the components on one side of the board and solder the leads on the opposite side. The assembly process should take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes.



Manual-EN (AK-280_DIY_LED_Dice_Kit.pdf, 1,258 Kb) [Download]