7-1828 Electricity and Magnetism Kit

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The 7-1828 Electricity and Magnetism Kit contains all the material to teach basic electricity and magnetism in one convenient kit.

This kit can be used to demonstrate most of the principles of electricity. Supplied with an easily understood instruction manual.
The kit contains the following: Voltmeter 0-1.5; 0-3v, Milliammeter 0-500 mA; 0-1000mA, Electroscope, Battery Kit, Mini Rheostat, Two Bar Magnets 2" in length, Compass Needle, Two Resistors, Mini Electromagnet, Horseshoe Magnet, Two Mini Contact Switches, Two Bulb Holders, Package of Iron Filings, Battery Holder D-Cell, Coil of Wire, Steel Rod Electromagnet, Acrylic Piece 19mm x 120mm, Two Plastic Rods 5mm x 120mm. (
6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x3-1/2")