WAVE-14262 KitiBot, Starter Robot, Graphical Programming, 2WD Version

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KitiBot, Starter Robot, Graphical Programming, 2WD Version

This product is developed, manufactured, and tech supported by Waveshare, and is protected by patent.

KitiBot is specially designed for STEAM education, comes with graphical programming software to help kids to learn programming just like easily building blocks. KitiBot-MG-W is the 2WD version.

Combined with the open source demo codes from Waveshare, KitiBot is also an ideal choice for electronics enthusiasts and creators to fast get started with robotic development.

KitiBot features a control board named Mega2560, and several typical robotic functional modules includes: line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, servo, IR remote control, etc.

What's on the Mega2560

Mega2560 is an ATMEGA2560-16AU development board, compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 R3, offers higher performance and more RAM than the UNO R3.

There're various programmable modules like dual-mode Bluetooth, gesture sensor, ambient light sensor, IR receiver, RGB LED, buzzer, and so on. For easily connecting with more expansion devices, it also breakout I2C, SPI, UART interfaces and provides sufficient sensor connectors.

  1. ATMEGA2560-16AU: 
    FLASH: 256KB (8KB for bootloader) 
    SRAM: 8KB 
  2. TB6612FNG: dual H-bridge motor driver
  3. Dual-mode Bluetooth: Bluetooth remote control, compatible with both iOS and Android
  4. AMS1117-5.0: 5V regulator
  5. FT232RL: USB to UART
  6. IR receiver: IR remote control
  7. MPU9255 gesture sensor: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis compass/magnetometer
  8. TSL2581FN light sensor: detect ambient light
  9. Buzzer: essential component to play music
  10. WS2812B: RGB LED
  11. User button
  12. Power switch
  13. Indicators: 
    USR: user indicator
    STA: Bluetooth status indicator
    PWR: power indicator
  14. Reset
  15. Micro USB connector: for programming or UART debugging
  16. Peripheral connectors: for connecting external devices and sensors
  17. Motor interface
  18. Power supply interface: 7V~12V input

Development Resources

  • Tutorials
  • KitiBot how-to-install
  • Demo code
  • Circuit diagram
  • Development software

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/KitiBot-MG