SoftPot Sensor Instructional Kit

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This Sensor Kit teaches you how to use a linear touch pot with Arduino. Of course the contents of the kit can be used for many other activities.

Spectra Symbol offers the SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer Sensor for universal position sensing in linear-stroke applications such as seat position, actuator position, handheld medical device location and switch, electronic musical instrumentation, and other position feedback devices.

The SoftPot is a  very thin variable potentiometer. By pressing down on various parts of the strip, the resistance linearly changes from 100Ohms to 10,000Ohms allowing the user to very accurately calculate the relative position on the strip. Can be used as an accurate positional indicator for CNC head positioning, variable user input (volume level input for example), straight user input (multiple button areas translate to given resistance levels), and many other applications. Unit comes with adhesive backing. Connector is 0.1" spaced and bread board friendly.

These potentiometers work great with a finger but we include the Wiper in this kit so that you can better learn about accurate object positioning.

Kit Contents:
1 x 50mm Soft Sensor from Spectra Symbol SP-L-0050-103-3-ST
1 x Wiper from Spectra Symbol WP-MI-01-03-014-di
Printed color instruction sheet 4 pages

Arduino not included

SoftPot Datasheet

Wiper Datasheet

bildr tutorial