ARD-15 Ultimate Component Kit for Arduino

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This is ABRA's very own comprehensive component kit for Arduino or embedded electronics projects. This kit allows you to perform many Arduino experiments and even allows you to develop your own Arduino shield.

Just take a look at the long list of parts you'll receive. You'll get lots of sensors, a dc motor, a servo motor, breadboard and a 65 piece jumper wire kit. You'll also get the Arduino Shield Development Kit and an extra pcb.

All this in a high quality Made in USA molded tool case which can withstand years of use.

 Descriptions:                                     Part #             Qty     Descriptions:                              Part #            Qty 
 Box Plastic Kit  CB-13  1     Header male Snapple 36 Pin  SH-2  2
 Battery Clip 9V to 2.1mm  BAT-C-01  1     IC LM555 Timer  LM555  2
 Breadboard 400 Tiepoints  ABRA-6  1     IC LM358 Operational Amplifier   LM358  2
 Capacitor Ceramic Disk 10pF 50V  CD100  5     LED Blue 5mm  LED-5B  2
 Capacitor Ceramic Disk 100pF 50V  CD101  5     LED Green 5mm  LED-5G  5
 Capacitor Ceramic Disk 0.001µF 50V  CD102  5     LED Red 5mm  LED-5R  5
 Capacitor Ceramic Disk 0.01µF 50V  CD103  5     LED Yellow 5mm  LED-5Y  5
 Capacitor Ceramic Disk 0.1µF 50V  CD104  5     LED RGB 5mm  LED-5RGB-4  2
 Capacitor Electrolytic 1µF 63V  1R63  5     LED 7 Segment Display Red  MAN-6760  2
 Capacitor Electrolytic 10µF 16V  10R16  5     Sensor Light Photocell  PHOTO-310  1
 Capacitor Electrolytic 100µF 16V  100R16  2     Sensor Temperature  TMP36  1
 Capacitor Electrolytic 1000µF 16V  1000R16  2     Sensor Sound Piezo Element  7BB-20-GLO  1
 Diode 1N4148 Hi-Speed Switching  1N4148  5     Sensor Magnetic Hall Effect  US1881  1
 Diode 1N4001 Rectifier  1N4001  5     Sensor Optical Detector  QRD1114  1
 Motor DC  29DM12V  1     Sensor Micro Switch  MSW-110  2
 Motor Servo  SG92R  1     Relay DPDT 5V  RDP-115  1
 Resistor 100 Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-100  5     Switch Push Button Mom. N.O.  PBS-175  2
 Resistor 220 Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-220  5     Trimpot w/Shaft 1K  3386P-1-102   1
 Resistor 470 Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-470  5     Trimpot w/Shaft 10K  3386P-1-103  1
 Resistor 1K Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-1K  5     Trimpot w/Shaft 100K  3386P-1-104  1
 Resistor 10K Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-10K  5     Trimpot w/Shaft 1M  3386P-1-105  1
 Resistor 100K Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-100K  5     Voltage Regulator Adjustable  LM317T  1
 Resistor 1Mega Ohm 1/4 Watt  R1/4-1M  5     Voltage Regulator 3.3V  LD1117V33  1
 Transistor PNP 2N3906  2N3906  5     Voltage Regulator 5V  7805T  1
 Transistor NPN 2N3904  2N3904  5     Wire Jumper Set 65 Pieces  JW-75  1
 Arduino Shield Development Kit  BRD-ARD-KIT   1     Arduino PCB  BRD-ARD-1  1
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