Elenco SK-40 Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

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The Elenco SK-40 Solar Deluxe Educational Kit is a great hands-on educational kit which teaches how Solar Energy works with it's comprehensive training manual.

  • Includes 8 solar panels
  • Comprehensive training manual included
  • Starts at the beginning of solar power technology
A great hands-on educational kit to learn exactly how Solar Energy works. Provides a neat bank of solar cells and all the related experiment materials to put the energy to work.

A unique solar cell "unit" provides a bank of solar cells that provide three independent 1.5VDC sources of power. Jumper connections with EZ connections are provided to wire up any of your experiments. Includes a motor, lamp, buzzer, tools, optical disks, and other accessories. You can easily learn how to make a solar circuit and how to increase or decrease voltage or current using series and parallel circuits.

You will be amazed when you produce power to run your small radio, calculator, cassette player and more.