FIT0869, 18650 Battery Protection Module (12V 10A)

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The FIT0869 is a battery charger that allows you to easily gang three 18650 battery cells together to create a rechargeable battery pack.

Featuring a sophisticated design, fine workmanship, and small size, the board supports overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit protection.

When three 18650 batteries or polymer lithium batteries are combined in series, the maximum instantaneous current can reach 10A.


  • For three 18650 batteries or polymer lithium batteries combined in series
  • 10.8V (Rated voltage of polymer battery)
  • 11.1V (Rated voltage of 18650 or 3.7V lithium battery)
  • 12.6V (Fully charged lithium battery)
  • Discharge 10A (Refer to the maximum discharge current limit)
  • Protection Mechanism: Overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection


  • Model: HX-3S-01
  • Working Temperature: -40~+50°C
  • Size: 50*16* 1.0MM/1.97*0.63*0.04 inch
  • Storage Temperature: -40~+80°C
  • Max Working Current: 5-8A
  • Overcharge Voltage Range: 4.25~4.35V±0.05V (single 18650 lithium battery)
  • Transient Current: 9-10A
  • Short-circuit Protection: can protect, delay self-recovery
  • Quiescent Current: less than 6uA
  • Internal Resistance: less than 60mΩ
  • Over-discharge Voltage Range: 2.3~3.0V±0.05V


  • Solar street lamp battery packs
  • Monitoring backup power supply


  1. 18650 Battery Protection Module (12V 10A) x1