3D-H-400 Lead Screw Rod M8x400mm with Collar Nut (Trapezoidal Cut)

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Lead Screw Rod M8x400mm with Collar Nut (Trapezoidal Cut)

This specific thread allows the collar nut to move along the rod and reduces vibration for a better print. Recommended as an improvement for pre-existing RepRap printers that use linear rods, this product can be used for either X,Y or Z motion and mounting any payload or device. We recommend purchasing our collar shaft to allow connecting to a stepper motor for rotational movement.

This Rod has threading design with trapezoidal grooves. Only trapezoidal components are compatible with this rod!

Trapezoidal (buttress) Thread:

  • These are used where the load force on the screw is only applied in one direction.


    • Screw diameter: M8
    • Thread Pitch: 2mm
    • Cross section diameter: 8mm
    • Rod Length: 400mm
    • Total threads: 200
    • Thread Style: Trapezoidal

    Travel distance calculation: allow 1 thread on either extremity to be excluded.