MOT-EXP-3 Arduino Motor Driver Expansion CNC Shield

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Arduino Motor Driver Expansion CNC Shield

This Arduino UNO motor driver expansion shield has a total of four slots to hold up to four A4988 stepper motor drivers. Each stepper motor only needs two I/O pins. Six IO pins can easily control three stepper motors for a 3D printer or three axis CNC applications.


Microcontroller: UNO R3

Drivers Accepted: A4988 (SEE ABRA: 2128-POLOLU or MOT-A4988)

Motor Voltage: 8V-30V (A4988)

Logic Voltage: 5V

Motor Current: 2A (A4988)

Motor Connectors: 4 PIN HEADERS

Ports: Digital

Interface: Direction, Enable, Speed

Jumpers: Micro Step Modes M0, M1, M2

Size: 54 x 66 mm

Note: A4988 modules and UNO R3 module not included.


I/O corresponding pins:

8- EN (stepper motor driver enable , active low)

7- Z.DIR (Z -axis direction control)

6- Y.DIR (Y -axis direction control)

5 - X.DIR (X -axis direction control)

4 - Z.STEP (Z -axis stepper control)

3 - Y.STEP (Y -axis stepper control)

2- X.STEP (X -axis stepper control)


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