3D-E-004 PCB Heat Bed with Wires for 3D Printer (RED)

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PCB Heat Bed with Wires for 3D Printer (RED) MK2B

The PCB heat bed has two sides, one with the copper traces (bottom side) and one without (top). On older versions of the PCB heat bed, only the side without traces carried a silkscreen. Currently, PCB heat beds are silkscreened on both sides. Recent techniques in 3D printing recommend attaching a pane of glass on top of the heat bed to better dissipate heat.

This board comes with pre-installed LEDs. The LEDs are optional, but if you choose to use the LEDs you MUST install the resistor.

The included wires are braided 16AWG gauge.


· 200 mm x 200 mm active heated area.

· 209 mm center-to-center mounting holes (outside the active area).

· 214 mm x 214 mm total PCB size.


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