CAB-14132 UHF RFID Cable (TNC to RP-SMA)

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CAB-14132 UHF RFID Cable (TNC to RP-SMA)

This is a very simple 1m long TNC to RP-SMA cable. We like to use this cable to connect our ultra high-frequency RFID antennas to an equally powerful reader board. This cable is perfect for extending pre-existing cables to give yourself a better range of operations when managing your RFID projects.

Each cable is capable of a nominal impedance of 50Ω with a cutoff frequency of 39GHz. If you are looking for a good antenna to pair this cable with, we recommend our UHF RFID Antenna (WRL-14131).

Note: If you are looking to use this cable with the UHF RFID Antenna (WRL-14131) and the Simultaneous RFID Reader (SEN-14066), you will also need the RP-SMA to U.FL Interface Cable (WRL-00662) to connect everything.