MR003-006.1 ±5A Linear Current Sensor

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MR003-006.1 ±5A Linear Current Sensor

This board carries the Allegro's ACS714ELCTR-05B-T hall effect-based linear current sensor, which offers a low-resistance (~1.2mΩ) current path and electrical isolation up to 2.1kV RMS.

The sensor operates at 5V and its analog voltage output has a sensitivity of 185mV/A centered at 2.5V with a typical error of ±1.5% and a 80kHz bandwidth.

Optimized bidirectional current range is from -5A to +5A, but its robustness allows survival of the device at up to 5× overcurrent conditions. Top silkscreen shows the direction that is interpreted as positive current flow.

The IC has an internal filter resistance of 1.7kΩ, and the carrier board includes a 1nF filter capacitor, which produces a low-pass RC filter with a 93,6kHz cutoff frequency.

You can improve sensing system accuracy for low-frequency sensing applictations by adding a capacitor in parallel with the integrated 1nF capacitor across the component pads labeled as CF (see notes on datasheet).


Supply voltage +5V
Supply current 10mA typ. (13mA max.)
Current range from -5A to +5A
Internal resistance 1.2mΩ
Sensitivity 185mV/A
Typical output error ±1.5%
Operating temperature -40°C / +85°C
Interface Analog
Dimensions 1.1” x 0.8”(27.9 x 20.3 mm)
Weight 0.12 oz (3.5 g)


datasheet (english version)

datasheet (italian version)

 ACS714 Datasheet

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