NUL-220 CO2 Logger Sensor

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The NeuLog 220 CO2 Logger Sensor measures carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

This logger sensor is based on an electromechanical reaction between CO2 gas and the sensor. The logger sensor has a probe for measuring CO2 levels, and generates a calculation based on an electromechanical reaction between CO2 gas and the sensor. The measure units are ppm (parts of CO2 per million of air).

The sensor must be calibrated before every use according to the following simple procedure: connect the sensor to the PC through a USB module or a battery module. Wait for about 15 minutes towarm the sensor and press the pushbutton switch on the CO2 logger sensor for 3 seconds. Preferably this calibration should be performed in open space. A bottle adapted to the sensor is supplied.


The logger sensor has an experiment duration of 1.0 second to 31.0 days, with 14.0-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) resolution for reading a range of values.