ESRPH1197B Spectrum Tube Power Supply 115V CSA

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ESRPH1197B Spectrum Tube Power Supply 115V

  • CSA, and CUS approved - 115V AC -- 3 Wire Plug Grounded
  • Flat black finish over entire power supply eliminates ambient light from affecting experimental outcomes and spectral images.
  • Tube sockets are shielded and spring loaded for easy loading and unloading of 26cm tubes
  • On off toggle switch
  • 37.5 cm tall

 Power supply

  • The main use of this safe, economical and fun spectrum tube power supply is to provide a view of gas discharge spectral lines that can be viewed with something as simple as a diffraction grating, to as complicated and digital spectrometers. Studying these spectra and understanding the basic science behind it is a fundamental principle taught from middle school physical science, to high school chemistry and physics, to college level chemistry, physics, and quantum mechanics. Students will be engaged with curiosity as they begin to witness and understand the discrete quantitative energy levels seen by the spectra emitted by exciting gas tubes in the power supply. One of the most famous experiments to do with the spectrum tube power supply is calculating and then quantitatively measuring the Balmer Series of Hydrogen. When hydrogen is energized by high voltage it emits a number of spectral lines, some of which are in the visible region as balmer discovered in 1885.Several different types of gas tubes are available for use with this power supply, such as:

    - Hydrogen
    - Helium
    - Nitrogen
    - Neon
    - Carbon Dioxide
    - Argon
    - Xenon
    - Iodine Vapor
    - Oxygen
    - Air
    - Krypton

    Spectrum tube NOT INCLUDED.