7-1258-O Orange Magnetic Wand

Delivery within 1-2 weeks

These magnetic wands are strong ceramic magnets sealed in unbreakable colorful plastic cases.

North and South poles are located on opposite faces for ease of use.

Magnetic Wands can be used to determine if an object is magnetic by waving the wand over the object.

A pair of magnetic wands can be used to demonstrate attraction and repulsion between poles.

Length: 7.5" x 1"


Order# Description
 7-1258-B  Magnetic Wand, Blue
 7-1258-G  Magnetic Wand, Green
 7-1258-O  Magnetic Wand, Orange
 7-1258-P  Magnetic Wand, Pink
 7-1258-R  Magnetic Wand, Red
 7-1258-V  Magnetic Wand, Violet
 7-1258-Y  Magnetic Wand, Yellow