PT7102-C Accurate Volume Pipette 5 mL - Pkg of 6

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These are accurate volumetric pipettes.

The graduation marks are in durable white enamel or amber stain, both are resistant to normal laboratory agents and repeated washing.

All the pipettes are individually measured and then marked.

Accuracy is ensured between any two readings, because of uniformity of bore.

The pipettes can be autoclaved and if necessary can be flamed for sterilization.

Pipette transfer volumetric accuracy as per Class B.


Order# Capacity
 PT7102-A  1ml  6
 PT7102-B  2ml  6
 PT7102-C  5ml  6
 PT7102-D  10ml  6
 PT7102-E  20ml  6
 PT7102-F  25ml  6
 PT7102-G  50ml  6
 PT7102-H  100ml  6
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