HRB413 High Resolution Balance with Glass Draft Shield Scale 410 Grams

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The LW Measurements HRB413 is digital milligram lab balance scale with strain gauge sensor and a built in glass draft shield that opens on the sides and top. The HRB413 is a magnetic force balance Class II scale.

For weighing any tiny items such as a grain of rice or tiny object that require high precision balance without environmental interference up to a total weight of 4100 grams with an accuracy of 1 mg.  Perfect for laboratories in high schools and universities.


  • Glass Draft Shield
  • Low Battery, Stability, Tare and Zero Indicator
  • Auto Calibration
  • Auto Backlight (Selectable)
  • g/ct/oz/tola conversions
  • 1/120000&1/200000 division available
  • 1.3 Million Internal Resolution
  • Selectable Auto Shut Off, Backlight, and Beeper
  • Adjustable leveling feet and bubble indictor


     Additional Information         
     Capacity & Resolution (g)     410 g x 1 mg
     Units  g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct, tl.T, tl.H, tl.J, GN, dr, MM, ToLA, gsm, TAR, TMR 
     Platform Dimensions        3.1" Diameter
     Sensitivity Drift  ± 3 mg
     Calibration  External Calibration Only
     Display  Large 1" LCD with back light
     Power  Power AC Adapter (included) or 6-AA Batteries (not included)
     Warranty  2 Years
     Weight  14 Lbs