PI-ARD-CAY Cayenne for Arduino and Raspberry PI KIT

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PI-ARD-CAY Cayenne for Arduino and Raspberry PI KIT

The number one Internet of Things (I.O.T) software interface of the year!

When people start in electronics or want to do a simple project but have little to no coding experience at all, this software interface will make your ideas come true. Painless and easy to get up and running you can access your Arduino based Microcontrollers or Raspberry Pi’s from any computer. Control using your android or apple smartphone to get information from your devices and vice versa. Only using a few click you can have a servo motor, solenoid valve, temperature sensor and more components up and running. All you have to do is follow the wiring diagram and select the device you have installed. The code is auto generated, leaving users with an easy interface to work with. All the work is saved on the cloud so you can access your devices anytime you need. Also it has trigger events so users can take advantage of the ability to send text messages when a component reaches any registered condition.

This kit offers two small manuals to get up and running Cayenne on either Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi using either mobile method or desktop method. This kit is also literally jammed packed with components that are listed below. All you need is an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet shield and for Raspberry PI we added in this kit a MicroSD card that has Cayenne and Raspbian preloaded, just connect the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port.

(Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Arduino Ethernet Shield are not included)


- PI Cobbler

- Jumper Wires Economy Pack

- 4 Pushbuttons

- BMP180 Sensor

- 840 Tie Breadboard

- MCP3008 A/D Converter

- 100, 220, 10K Resistors each 10 pieces

- Mini PIR Motion Sensor

- LED Bipolor Red/Green

- 2 Channel Relay

- 12VDC Motor with 104 Capacitor soldered

- Female 2.1mm DC socket to two pin Terminal block

- 16 Channel PWM Board

- Continuous Rotation Servo motor

- 1 Row, 40 pin headers

- 12VDC Solenoid Valve

- 12VDC 1.5Amp Power Adapter

- MCP23018 I/O Expander

- 4 Male to female Jumper Cables

- Cayenne on MicroSD class 10 16GB

- Two Manuals, Arduino and RPI Guide

If you want Only the Cayenne on the MicroSD card please check out PI-SDHC-CAY

To view the Cayenne official site visit

Cayenne Uno Guide (Cayenne_Uno.pdf, 1,984 Kb) [Download]

RASPBERRY PI GUIDE (Cayenne_Pi.pdf, 2,800 Kb) [Download]

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