TOPMAX II Expert USB Universal Device Programmer for PC

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The EE Tools TOPMAX II is a single socket high-speed universal device programmer for PC and USB 2.0 interface. The TopMax II meets the demands of today's programming solution for lab and production line applications. It can program a 64Mbit (AM29LV641) flash memory in 42 seconds.


Auto search device select function supports E(E)PROMs & Microcontrollers.

Device Operations: Read, Blank check, Program, Verify, Checksum, Data compare, Security, Auto(blank check- program-verify), Option Bit program.

Display programming parameters and optional bit information on the screen.

Support Binary and all hex files (POF and JEDEC, Intel Hex, Motorola S Records, Tekhex , straight hex, hex-space, Extended Tekhex, and others, automatic file type recognition) with Load,Edit, and Save commands.

Supports real low-voltage support : 5, 3.3, 2.7,1.8, 1.5 volt for programming power.

Standard 48-pin ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) socket accepts both 300mil and 600 mil DIP devices.

Support a high-speed USB2.0 port for PC interface.


Listing of e(e)proms and microcontrollers:

* M25Pxx, MX25Lxx, S25LFxx, SST25VFxxx

* NAND Flash Memory Samsung K9Kxxx, K5Axxx, K5Fxxx, M-System MDOC-256 / 512 / 1G / 2G Toshiba TC58xxx St-Micro NAND01G / 02G / 04G

* 28Fxxx, 29Fxxx, 38Fxxx, 29LVxxx, 26LVxxx, 29GLxxx, 29ALxxx, 29Wxxx, 36xxx, 32HFxxx, 34VFxxx, 37VFxxx, 39SFxxx, 39VFxxx, 45LFxxx,          49LFxxx, 50FWxxx

* 27xxx and 27Cxxx series, from 16 Kbit to 32Mbit with 8-bit/16-bit

* EEPROM 27Exxx, 28xxx , and 28Cxxx series

* 256 Kbit to 32 Mbit 28Fxxx, 29Fxxx, 29Cxxx, 29BVxxx, 29LVxxx, 29Wxxx, 49Fxxx series (1.5, 1.8, 2.7, 3.3, 5.0, or 12 Volt)

* 24Cxx, 24Fxx, 25Cxx, 59Cxx, EPC1/1213/1648, and 93Cxx

* 27Sxx, 7Cxxx, 71xx, 74Sxx, 87Sxx, 82Sxx,

* ispLSI(10/20)xx, ispGAL22V10, ispGDS1(2)x, LC40(41)xx M4Axxx series

* PALs, PALCEs, GALs 16V8, 20V8, 22V10, 20RA10, 26V12 series

* DS12xx, DS13xx, DS15xx, DS16xx series

* PEELs 153, 173, 253, 273, 18CV8, 20CG10 series

* EPLDs PLCxxx, PLSxxx, PLUSxxx, Epxxx, EPCxxx, EPMxxx, PLDxxx, 5Cxxx, 85Cxxx series

* ATF16/20/22Vxx, ATV750/1500/2500

* MACH1xx/2xx/4xx, and xxx-SP series

* MAX5000, MAX7000 series

* 8741, 8742, 8748, 8749 series

* 87C51/52, -FA, -FB, -FC, '528, '652, '654, '54, 89Cxx, 89Sxx, 89LVxx, 89Cxxxx, DCF85xx, 85(87/89)LPCxxx, PXAxx series 87C751/752

* ST62xx, ST7xx, ST9xx, ST10xx series

* XC17Sxxx, 17Vxxx, 72xx, 73xx, XCF01 / 02 / 04 series

* PIC12Cxxx, PIC16xxx, 17xxx, 18xxx series

* MC68705, MC68HC705, MC68HC711, MC68HC908, MC9S08

* Z86Cxx, Z86Exx series



TYPE    : 386, 486, Pentium or compatibles. PS/2, Portable(notebook) computer.

Hard Disk Drive (4 Megabytes) is recommended for software installation / set up.

PC RAM size: 512K of conventional memory.

I/O PORT: USB 1.1 or 2.0 port.

Operating System: WINDOWS 95 / 98 / 2000 / NT / XP or greater.


This product is made in the USA.