SF210 210mm Racing Quadcopter/Drone D.I.Y Kit (Naze32 Rev6)

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SF210 210mm Racing Quadcopter/Drone D.I.Y Kit (Naze32 Rev6)

Want to build your own drone? Don’t know where to start? This drone kit is designed to be simple and straight forward. Classified as a racing drone, this drone uses the naze32 flight controller as the brain. Designed on the 210 frame size, this kit is highly recommend for starters! It even comes with RGB LED and White LED strip!

Sun-Founder, the creators of the popular and bestselling Arduino sensors kit. They have a record of creating high quality and detailed guides on explaining how to use Arduino and certain sensors. Expanding down that tradition is the new 210mm Racing Drone/Quadcopter kit.

What makes this guide amazing is the video link, in which they demonstrate how to assemble this kit step by step.

(Click Here to view the playlist)

You will require some additional tools to finish this build; some soldering is required!

To get this kit up and functional you will require:

  • A Transmitter Radio controller (FS-i6)
  • Soldering Iron (SI-FX-8801)
  • Tweezers (900-071)
  • Solder 60/40 (4870-18G)

Recommended parts for future upgrade:

  • First Person Video Camera (D-E-C-01)
  • First Person Video Transmitter (D-E-T-01)
  • First Person Video Receiver (D-E-R-01)
  • RCA LCD Screen with or without Battery (LCD5802D or VR-007)
  • Larger Propellers for a slower but longer flight (D-P-06)

Recommended parts for replacement:

  • 5045 replacement propellers (D-E-P-04, D-E-P-02, D-E-P-03, D-E-P-03, D-E-P-01)

When you purchase this kit, you will receive in a beautifully packed box the following items:

  • 1x detailed Software Debugging Guide
  • 1x Detailed Component List
  • 1x Smart Balance Charger 3s, 4S
  • 1x 12VDC 1.5A power Adapter with Barrel jack connector
  • 2x CW MT2204 2300KV motors (Silver Prop Nut)
  • 2x CCW MT2204 2300KV motors (Black Prop Nut)
  • 4x landing foam pads
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x 3S 11.1VDC 1300mAh T-Plug Li-Po Battery
  • 1x Green and Orange CW 5045 propeller
  • 1x Green and Orange CCW 5045 propeller
  • 1x Battery Strap
  • 1x Active Buzzer
  • 1x 5V RGB LED Strip (2 L.E.D on strip)
  • 1x 12V LED Strip (3 L.E.D on strip)
  • 1x Female JST Plug
  • 1x Fiber Glass Frame, 210mm Frame Size
  • 4x Emax 12A ESC
  • 20x Nylon Cable Tie-Wraps
  • 1x Power Distribution Board
  • 12x Female and Male 2mm Bullet Connectors
  • 1x Naze32 F.C. Rev6 ACRO
  • 2x 3M Double Sided Tape
  • 1x T-Plug
  • 1x Velcro Tape
  • 1x 3mm Wide Heat Shrink Tubing (length: Enough for the 12x bullet connectors)


Transport Canada Guidelines

If you fly your drone for fun and it weighs more than 250 g and up to 35 kg, you do not need special permission from Transport Canada to fly.

Follow the basic safety rules below. Not doing so may put lives, aircraft and property at risk. If you fly where you are not allowed or choose not to follow any of the rules below, you could face fines of up to $3,000.



  • Higher than 90 m above the ground
  • Closer than 75 m from buildings, vehicles, vessels, animals, people/crowds
  • Closer than nine km from the centre of an aerodrome (any airport, heliport, seaplane base or anywhere that aircraft take-off and land)
  • Within controlled or restricted airspace
  • Within nine km of a forest fire
  • Where it could interfere with police or first responders
  • At night or in clouds
  • If you can’t keep it in sight at all times
  • If you are not within 500 m of your drone
  • If your name, address, and telephone number are not clearly marked on your drone.

                Visit: for more details.

American Safety Guidelines

  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Keep your UAS within sight
  • Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports
  • Never fly over groups of people
  • Never fly over stadiums or sports events
  • Never fly near emergency response efforts such as fires
  • Never fly under the influence
  • Be aware of airspace requirements

Visit: for more details.