SPL-001501 SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface Kit (MPTH v3)

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SPL-001501 SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface Kit (MPTH v3)

The SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface (MPTHv3) is our newest LCD Interface, based on the MPTH, this version has digital brightness control, giving the user digital addressable control of the Display.


  • Digital brightness backlight control
  • Supports multiple size character LCD displays (1x16, 2x16, 2x40, 4x20)
  • Has pin-outs for LCDs with either 1x14(16) or 2x7 pins
  • 80 Character buffer
  • Four GPIO pins. (General purpose input / output pins)
  • One PWM (Pulse width modulation) pin
  • Baud rates up to 115.2k (300,1200,2400,9600,19.2k,57.6k,115.2k bps)
  • USB Connectivity (with FTDI USB cable)
  • TTL Serial
  • I2C
  • User settable I2C address
  • User settable command character
  • User settable auto output of GPIO changes
  • Dual simultaneous interface Serial and I2C (Both on all the time)
  • User settable Splash Screen
  • Optional echo of display text to serial port
  • Easy to turn, robust trimmer pot for contrast
  • Easy to easy to build kit, with through hole parts
  • “Junk” command watch dog timer
  • Small size


This version of the SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface comes as a kit, assembly required.