Arcade-C-1P Accessory Pack, Arcade Console Building Kit

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Arcade-C-1P Accessory Pack, Arcade Console Building Kit, Designed for Raspberry Pi, 1 Player

Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included.


Arcade-C-1P is a 1 player arcade console designed for Raspberry Pi, provides classic arcade control: the durable joystick, and of course the colorful buttons. If you got a Raspberry Pi in hand, this DIY kit would be the ideal choice for you to build your dedicated arcade console.

Thanks to the RetroPie gaming system, thousands of games are available. Once get tired, you can also use the awesome KODI to watch videos, or listen music, enjoy and relax.

Relive your arcade time in childhood.


  • Supports Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B/3B+ (another HDMI cable is required for Zero/Zero W/Zero WH)
  • Supports RetroPie gaming system, thousands of game ROMs are available, the only limit is your TF card size
  • Supports KODI home media center, see a movie, listen music, watch live show, never be a problem
  • Raspberry Pi-Powered: HDMI port, connecting to your monitor, TV, or projector, configurable resolution
  • Raspberry Pi-Powered: WiFi connectivity, make it possible to eliminate the mess wiring
  • Raspberry Pi-Powered: USB ports for connecting USB gamepad, mouse, and keyboard, ect.
  • Embedded left / right dual track stereo speakers, listen to the familiar BGM from the old days


  • Product category: Arcade Console
  • Controller: NOT included
  • Storage: supports 16G~256G TF card
  • Enclosure material: alloy bottom case, UV silk print acrylic panel
  • Connectivity: HDMI / USB / Ethernet
  • Games: thousands of games are available, added by user
  • Arcade control: joystick and 8x buttons, allows user-defined
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Dimension: 30cm × 21.5cm × 7.5cm

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