Arcade-D-1P, USB Arcade Control Box

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Arcade-D-1P, USB Arcade Control Box, Supports Raspberry Pi / PC / Tablet, 1 Player

Arcade-D-1P is a 1 player USB arcade control box, provides classic joystick and colorful buttons. Due to its multi platform compatibility, it can be plugged into host such as Raspberry Pi / PC / Tablet / Smart TV, etc. Driver free, plug and play.

Relive your arcade time in childhood.


  • Adopts PC / PS3 / Android Little-Red, the high-speed professional competition-grade chip, fast response, driver free, multi platform compatibility
  • Alloy bottom case, UV silk print acrylic panel, premium craft design, conform to human engineering
  • Complete buttons, allows user-defined


  • Product category: Arcade Control Box
  • Supported device: Raspberry Pi / PC / Notebook / OTG Android Phone / Tablet / Smart TV
  • Enclosure material: alloy bottom case, UV silk print acrylic panel
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Arcade control: joystick and 8x buttons
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Dimension: 30cm × 21.5cm × 7.5cm

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