TRF-GREEN Toner Reactive Foil - Green

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Get Fantastic Etching Results with the TRF Toner Reactive Foils. Foil packs are 8" wide by 15' long with simple instructions.

Toner Reactive Foils are very thin pigments on a Mylar carrier. 
"GreenTRF" is heat transferred the same way the toner was transferred to the copper suface. Both of these foils will only stick to toner. "GreenTRF" stops the etchant from getting "into" the somewhat porous toner which would result in pitted traces. Additionally, because the toner is now encapsulated by the film, you can now use our new "Contact Etch" technique for etching a board without a tank.
First, when transferred on top of the toner it seals the image to prevent etchant from permeating into the granular nature of toner which would normally result in pitting of the base metal. Secondly, its plastic "top coat" gives the toner extreme rigidity allowing you to directly rub a sponge full of etchant right over the copper surface without damaging the toner image.
For use with TTS-10 Toner Transfer System.
Notice for California Residents: Warning symbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -