8481-3 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease 3.74 L, 1 gallon Tub

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8481-3 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease 3.74 L, 1 gallon Tub

The 8481 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease is an electrically conductive grease with a synthetic oil base. This product is similar to the MG 846 silicone conductive grease, but unlike its silicone counterpart the 8481 synthetic-oil grease is essentially non-bleeding. Further, it includes corrosion inhibitors that provide superior corrosion resistance. The 8481 grease lubricates and improves electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts, ensuring good grounding connection. It is also used to improve electrical continuity between irregular and pitted surfaces, as well as providing an economical way to protect switches against corrosion. 

  • Improves electrical connections between irregular surfaces.
  • Extends the life of contacts
  • Resistivity better than 400 Ω
  • Silicone Free
  • Safe on plastics

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English MSDS

Application Instructions
The conductive grease performance depends on mainly on surface preparation. Improperly prepared contact surfaces can degrade the paste’s stability, conductivity, and lubrication characteristics. While the thickness and coverage are also important, the application method itself can easily be adjusted according to performance and application needs.


  • Wear gloves and protective clothing (See 8481 MSDS). This product is messy.
  • Clean and dry the surface of the substrate to remove other oils and greases, as well as dust, water, solvents, or any other contaminants.

Recommendations: Use MG 401B Nutrol Control Cleaner or MG 824 Isopropyl Alcohol 


  • Lint free cloth (for cleaning contact and for wiping excess residue)
  • Spatula or stick application tools (sized appropriately for your application).
  • Isopropyl alcohol or other residue-free organic solvents.

NOTE: Avoid oil-based cleaners (like WD-40) that are designed to leave a film on the metal surface. Contaminant oil or grease films may act like barriers reducing the electrical contact between the conductive paste and the metallic substrate. 

To apply the grease
1. Wipe the contact with a lint-free cloth 2. Clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol or other non-oil based cleaner. 3. Once dry, apply the paste with the application tool to the contact, ensuring adequate coverage and desired thickness. 


  • DO NOT apply or smooth grease with bare finger. Carbon black grease is hard to clean and may transfer to other surfaces by touch. Further, you may introduce contaminants that degrade the overall performance of the grease.