1259641635 Programming Arduino Getting Started with Sketches (2nd Edition)

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Using clear, easy-to-follow examples, Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches by Simon Monk reveals the software side of Arduino and explains how to write well-crafted sketches using the modified C language of Arduino.

No prior programming experience is required! The downloadable sample programs featured in the book can be used as-is or modified to suit your purposes.

  • Understand Arduino hardware fundamentals
  • Install the software, power it up, and upload your first sketch
  • Learn C language basics
  • Write functions in Arduino sketches
  • Structure data using arrays and strings
  • Use Arduino's digital and analog inputs and outputs in your programs
  • Work with the Standard Arduino Library
  • Write sketches that can store data
  • Program LCD displays
  • Use an Ethernet shield to enable Arduino to function as a web server
  • Write your own Arduino libraries