BRD-ABRA-830 Full Size Breadboard/Protoboard 830 Gold Plated – Double Sided 1 Oz Copper

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Full Size Breadboard/Protoboard 830 Gold Plated – Double Sided 1 Oz Copper

This Protoboard has the same pattern and spacing as a standard 830 connection point solderless breadboard. It enables you to simply connect what is on the breadboard to this protoboard and solder away.

Provided on the board is 63 rows and two negative and positive power rails that have no breaks in-between them.

In case you want to break a connection, the backside of this board is exposed for users to use a cutting blade to disconnect or reconnect some tracks if needed!

This board is gold plated, not just for esthetics but also for functionality. Gold plated pads require less heat and allow solder to flow easily! On top of that with the added top and bottom side of the board the holes that connect them are plated to allow solder to create an excellent connection!

The copper thickness is 1 oz allowing for low current applications or prototyping.



  • Copper thickness: 1 Oz
  • Board Material: FR-4
  • Pad types: Gold Plated ENIG
  • # of Pads: 830
  • Dimensions: 175 x 55.85mm / 6.889 x 2.198 Inches (L x W)
  • Board Thickness: 1.66 mm / 0.065 Inches
  • Spacing per pin: 2.54mm / 0.1 inch (Breadboard Compatible)